Cenolite R     Ash Cenosphere

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Cenolite R, ash cenospheres, are hollow silicate micro-spheres extracted from the fly ash generated in coal-fired power plants.


They are available in white, gray and beige color. Particle sizes range from 20 to 600 microns.




  • Improved Flow
  • Reduce Resin or binder demand
  • Lower shrinkage/wrappage
  • Reduce product weight
  • Superior thermal insulation
  • High temperature application




Mortars, glass reinforced cement, lightweight panels


Composite FRP 

Casting, spray-up, hand lay-up, cold/hot press molding, resin transfer molding, syntactic foam



Ladle Topping, hot topping and risering, refractory castables, foundry core, and molding sand


Oil and Gas Drilling

Light weight cementing slurry, Low density oil drilling fluid


Paint, Coating, Plaster

Thermal insulation, chemical and slip-resistant coatings



Crack/joint filling, tile adhesives, automotive/marine body fillers


Package & Storage

500kg bulk bag

20kg poly woven bag

Physical Properties

Appearance free flowing powder
Shape nonporous Spherical
Hardness Mohs Scale 5-6
Colour white, beige, light grey
Wall Thickness 5%-10% Sphere Diameter
True Density ≤0.95 g/cc
Bulk Density 0.48 g/cc
Melting Point 1400°C
Crush Strength 2000-5000 Psi
Thermal Conductivity 0.11 W/mK
Chemical Resistance insolulable in water
Floating Ratio 95%


Size Grade

Grades R500 R300 R150 R100
Range um 500-200 400-100 150-110 100
Mean um 300 250 100 80
  Other sizes available on request


Chemical Composition

AI2O3 29.39
SiO2 62.07
MgO 0.79
Fe2O3 3.45
CaO 0.73
K2O 1.57
TiO2 1.11
Na2O 0.60
L.O.I 0.05