Cenolite C     Perlite Microsphere

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Cenolite C

Cenolite C perlite microspheres made from crude perlite are natural amorphous siliceous glass bubbles containing a multi-celluar core with nonporous smooth surface. Cenolite is an excellent replacement for many expensive light weight fillers.



  • Cost effective
  • Fire resistance
  • Outstanding weight reduction
  • Superior thermal insulation
  • Noise absorption and insulation



Oil drilling

Oil Well cementing and low density mud



Ladle Topping, hot topping and risering, refractory castables, foundry core, and molding sand


Light weight Aggregate construction

Bricks and tiles, tilt-up panels, cement sheet, plasterboard, celling tiles, wall blocks


Thermal/acoustic Insulation, fire resistance

high-build thermal insulation, roof deck insulation, underfloor insulation,insulation plasters/renders,fire doors, fire wall


Package & Storage

10kg, 15kg poly woven bag

350kg, 380kg bulk bag

Physical Properties

Appearance free flowing powder
Shape irregular
Colour white
Melting Point 1200°C
Thermal Conductivity 0.050 w/mK
Chemical Resistance insolulable in water
Floating Ratio ≤90%
PH 6.5-8


Size Grades

  Bulk Density g/cc Strength Mpa /psi Typical Size um Distribution
D10 D50 D90
C150 0.70 10/1500 120 150 200
C300 0.70 10/1500 120 200 300
C400 0.70 5/750 180 400 420
C1000 0.70 5/750 400 850 1000
C3000 0.70 5/750 850 1500 3000


Chemical Composition

SIo2 72.00
AI2o3 12.31
Fe2O3 0.54
FeO 0.80
TiO2 0.09
MnO 0.06
MgO 0.14
CaO 1.00
K2O 4.67
Na2O3 0.29
P2O5 0.04
lg.Loss 4.94